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Have your 17-digit Vehicle  Identification  Number [VIN] and build date ready. The VIN number can be seen on the lower driver’s side from the outside of the windshield ,registration, insurance card, title and left door area. The build date will only be found on the same tag as VIN number on the side of left door or left door jamb area.

The side of part is always determined in reference to sitting in the drivers’ seat looking forward. Drives side is left side and Passenger side is right side.

Now go to our parts search tab.

If the search comes back no part available, please call us. Not all our parts are listed on the website. Also, we may be able to locate the part through our vast parts locating networks of auto recyclers and aftermarket vendors.

Tires & Batteries

Tires & Batteries will not be found on our online parts search.

The size of your tire will be on the side of the tire, such as, 225 70 16. Batteries will have the part number on the label on the top, for example, 75 or 64R. Our tires and batteries cannot be found in our parts search. Please call or stop in for availability. We do not accept tires for disposal. Junk batteries can be dropped off free  of charge.

Phone Number

For individuals we use your phone number to track your quotes, orders and warranty. Your phone number will not be sold to a 3rd party.

For professional shops we use your Business name to track your quotes, orders and warranty. New customers please have your state tax ID available.


We ship most parts anywhere in the continental US. Call for details and exceptions.


We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, PayPal, cash and approved checks,

Pre-payment will be requested on parts from the yard that are still bolted on and parts that are shipped in.

Sell Your Car!

Wrecked, worn out, not running, end of life, or junkers - We have towing available

Titles or junking certificate are required. Cars and trucks that are 1 ton or smaller can be dropped off during normal business hours. No appointment is needed. We do not accept heavy trucks, campers, RVs or motor cycles. You will need title signed by the owner. If two names are on title only one will need to sign if the word OR is between names. If the word AND is between names both owners will need to sign. The check will be made out to the owner’s name on the title.  The buyer line must be blank so we can put our name on it.if you have lost your title you can apply for a duplicate at the issuing court house. This can take a week to get and will cost $25.00.  You will want to keep the license plates to return to the issuing court house. The keys stay with the car.

The value of your car will be determined by a number of factors, call for your quote. Towing is available.

What happens to the cars that are sold to Carneys?

Simply we sell the best parts and recycle the rest. All parts cars and scrap cars will be drained of all fluids and refringent. Batteries, tires and mercury switches are removed. They will be stored until sold or disposed of according to EPA/DNR regulations. The final stage for all cars is they are crushed and hauled to a site where they are shredded and the metals are separated. That shredded metal is then shipped by rail or barge to a foundry where the shredded metal is melted, turning them back its original state. That metal can then be used in the manufacturing of anything from refrigerators to automobiles to hair pins.


On Saturdays we are open from 8am-Noon for the pickup of pre-arranged part orders. Tires, antifreeze, batteries and unbolted parts in our warehouse are also available for purchase. You can also place new orders for the following week and for car purchases and sales. There is no phone service.

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Used Oil, Antifreeze, and Battery Drop Off

We accept used engine oil, transmission fluid, Hydraulic fluid, diesel and power steering fluid during normal business hours FREE of charge. They must be in sealed containers that are 5-gallons or smaller and be 100% oils. They can be mixed  together. No barrels of any size will be accepted. No solvents, paint, paint thinners, gas, water or antifreeze can be mixed with the oil. We except used antifreeze at a cost of $5.00 per gallon. It must be 100% antifreeze or water mix in a sealed clean container of 5 gallons or less. Car Batteries can be dropped off free of charge.


As a convenience we will accept any automotive related scrap/parts free of charge. However, any part containing fluids must be drained.


We are located at: 1816 SE 5th St. Ames, IA 50010.

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Pet Policy

Only service animals will be allowed in our office.